Sunday, October 04, 2009

Top 25 Movies I like

I made a list of 25 movies I liked the most. The exercise was basically based on 3 principles in that order:
1] The number of times I can watch the movie to get similar excitement as the first time, the movie goes up the rank
2] If I cannot really remember a movie which I had liked, it probably shouldnt be in the list.
3] Any other factor that would make the movie special.

1. Pursuit of Hapiness
2. The Negotiator
3. Anand
4. Saving Private Ryan
5. Forest Gump
6. Sarfarosh
7. Enemy at the Gates
8. iRobot
9. The Insider
10. Lage raho munna bhai
11. Dil Chahta Hein
12. Tare Zameein Par
13. MIB
14. Troy
15. Guru
16. Shawshank redemption
17. Sarkar
18. Titanic
19. Bheja Fry
20. Bruce Al Mighty
21. Omkara
22. Carch me if you can
23. The Bourne Ultimatum
24. The Italian Job
25. Memento

Feel free to give comments

Monday, June 08, 2009

......RUN FOREST RUN.....

So the day came again .. I had planned for it long .. and planned it hard .. After going to Cornell I was consistently motivated to do it .. because there were so many people all around the place who did it swiftly and continuously .. and I was astonished, surprised, shocked and challenged ; how can they do it when I give up so fast .. is it in their genes or have they trained themselves so hard ..

So there I was .. after coming to Toronto for work .. had a week off and nothing to do . So I took out all the cool gears I had gathered to mark the big event .. Nike Shoes .. Apple IPod and a cool short hair cut styled with hair gel .. I knew I was ready for it .. I might fail but I made sure that I would look good even while failing :)

I already had a long day .. applying for my SIN no and shopping at a mall with a friend .. I had stood helplessly while she tried 1000 sandals .. [ ah no .. this time it was not for hitting me ] I had drank coffee .. soda, had cookies and heavy lunch .. tried killing the time in vain [ offcourse there are other perks when you are shopping in a ladies section :)] .. ahem ahem .. so back to the topic .. This was the appropriate time to begin my journey .. I was destined to do it today ..

So against all oppositions I embarked on the journey .. The other day, I had seen a girl do the same on the opposite side of the road so I decided to take the same path .. I convinced myself that this is the path where all the regulars do it .. I started slowly first .. but the excitement was so high I could not control myself ... so I got carried along .. moving closer and closer ..not realizing what I am doing.. getting lost in the songs .. as if I was drunk .. I never realized how close I had moved .. finally the moment of realization came .. I guess I had done it ... I had planned about it a lot since 2 years when I had failed to do it and was hurt .. but now I was victorious .. I had ran more than 2 kms at a stretch!! .. I can actually call that as running .. but I was dead at the end of the road .. i should have taken it easy there was no reason to hurry along .. I felt that 2 big 5 kg blocks were tied to my legs , they were frozen the moment I stopped running .. nevertheless I was victorious..

I always thought its more exciting to do bigger things in life but time and again I get surprised that you derive more happiness by doing things which you thought you wont be able to do ... This feeling of joy today was more than the feeling I had few days back when I graduated !! .. I always knew I would graduate .. everybody graduates in US :) .. but now I can run !!