Sunday, March 12, 2006

Thats the word around now a dayz.....its in the air...ORKUT fever creates greater panic than bird flew!!!..
Well first upon i ll take this oportunity 2 congratulate google 4 comin up with such a gud concept 2 socialize...
Net at my place means long nights....and with orkut around the official bed time is 3.30pm...not 2 mention the rising time of 10.30 am and bunking the college.Sucess of Orkut is evident from the fact that its banned in our college which has the reputation of banning any new technology that's boomimg be it mobile phones....or wi-fi or even high speed net.Probably the most clebrating factor about orkut is that u get 2 meet all the long lost frinds out there whom you thought you ll bever see them in your lifetime again..wid loads of communities where u meet ppl wid similar thinking and share experiences.
It has definately made the world a smaller place....Once again hats off to Google !!!

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