Sunday, March 12, 2006

U Played 8 hours 2 die like this!!!

Guess how it feels when u break a world record and somebody cracks ur record b4 it is registered....
Australia tasted it when SA just snatched out the victory 4m them when they scored the highest ever total of 434 simply to loose.....
what a fine day of cricket it ad been when the so called celebrated world champions were not able 2 defend a score of 434!!....wid baller like Lee balling only 8 overs and to my surprise he balled a half pitch ball 2 a 11th batsmen whom he could have knocked out wid an yorker aimed at the block hole!!!
Well hats off 2 SA they have proved that even impossible says 'IMpossible' and 4 australia lets say that 'TO ERR IS HUMAN!!!'.

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