Friday, May 02, 2008

....... SINHAGAD ........

Its been long since I updated this blog .. fearing that google ll take away this free space from me .. I have decided to write something :)

Its about a trek to sinhagad [ I just call it a trek so that I feel like some achievement :)] . I have a friend who works at Bangalore . Whenever he comes down to pune , we visit sinhagad [for the reason that most of us are not motivated for more trouble and I don feel like a holiday if I just go out and eat at places!] ..
For a change this time we had started at 4.30 in the morning . It wasnt easy either for me or others to do that .. but that was our only claim to fame !! . Shockingly we found around 100 people there early morning !! so much for -peace or adventure .. the prev night was a full moon .. so many ppl had gone in the night itself ! which killed the remaining sense of adventure .
When we started at the bottom there were 2 girls ahead us .. and then there came a strange creature running down . It was running fast and had 2 light on his forhead .. that made it look even furocious . Just before the creature was supposed to crash on the girls [they were half dead from the shock of it anyway] we realized ,an enthusiastic trekker was running down and he had those flashlights tied to his forehead !! we busted out laughing loud. People do come with lots of preparation to trek sinhagad!!
As we were climbing up.. already dead with the hardship .. there came an old man walking from behind . he was climbing up so casually as if he is walking in a graden , easily overtook us and kept on going further ..his face was totally wrinkled .. I was afraid he ll fall in between and we would have to catch him ..not that we were confident that this would not happen with us ! . Finally after reaching the top we spoke to him . To my amazement he was 74 years old and was climbing it every sunday !!! that killed all the remaining achievement that i felt after reaching the top. !!
Anyways we celebrated our achievement by glutting lots of buttermilk , curd and lemon juice that we get there . All in all it was time well spent

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Snigdha Shevade said...

kya re?? kispe line mar raha hai?? "its better to now you and not need you than to need you and not know you!!" kidhar padji ye philospphy tune?? aisa kabhi hota hai kya?? :-P